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Dear Friends, Members and Supporters of the Grand Strand Golf Directors’ Association,

We are writing today to express our profound thanks to each of you for your support … several of you over many years. For the past 30 years the GSGDA has grown from its first meeting on August 1, 1990 at what was then Buck Creek Golf Club to the organization we have become. Our association has always been for and about its members and ours have always been wonderful.

From an initial membership of 25 faithful Golf Directors, the Association grew to welcome and include golf course personnel, theater personnel during their heyday, and finally other businesses associated with the golf industry in our area. We built a community of golf marketing and sales professionals that allowed our members the unique opportunity to learn from each other thus improving the quality of the golf product offered throughout our community.

Over the life of our association we have awarded over 100 college scholarships and contributed well over $300,000 in charitable donations and college scholarships combined. We have done a great deal of good for such a small group.

We certainly are all thankful for the many friendships we have formed and the memories we have built together. We have too many precious members who have passed away over the years but are memorialized in named scholarships as well as engraved on our traveling trophy. Friends who will never be forgotten as well as the many we are thankful to have with us today.

These recent days have been challenging … not just for us but worldwide. The pandemic has made many aspects of our lives much more difficult to navigate. It has placed an added burden on the GSGDA. We have had to cancel our April meeting and now our June meeting as well. This added to our decreasing attendance at our meetings over the past year or more have led us to face the sad fact that the GSGDA’s time has come to an end.

We have worked over the past couple of years to make changes to raise our meeting attendance. We have reached out to provider Golf Directors, both members and non-members, to encourage them to join us. We have offered a variety of different golf formats to welcome those who might be non-golfers or novice golfers. We have moved from monthly to every-other-month meetings. Sadly, none of these have created an increase. We are incredibly grateful to our host properties for continuing to welcome us despite our sagging attendance.

We are not planning to hold our annual golf tournament this summer. Instead, we will have one last get together at Arrowhead Golf Club on Wednesday, July 15th at 6:00pm. There will also be a 1:00pm shotgun prior to the meeting.

Instead of holding our annual golf tournament, we will instead be asking for donations. We will take all the money we raise along with the money we have in the bank and split it evenly between two former members/officers of the association who are currently in need of our financial help.

Mike Hendrix is a past member of many years as well as a past President and Board member. Mike has Parkinson’s Disease and is residing now at National Health Care in Murrells Inlet. The money will be a real blessing to his wife, Megan and to Mike as well.

Barbie Chestnut has been with the association since its first day as one of the original 5 founding members, serving as Secretary for most of the life of the association. Barbie has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is set to begin chemotherapy in the next few weeks with surgery to follow. Needless-to-say, the money will ease some of the financial stress of what lies before her.

I know that we can make a difference in the lives of these two wonderful friends and be a fitting final act of service for the GSGDA.  To make a donation online please click here


We sincerely hope that each of you will want to get together one last time as the GSGDA. Our deadline to RSVP will be Wednesday, July 1st. You will need to RSVP whether you play golf or not so that we can get an accurate count for Jake and his staff at Arrowhead. If we do not have enough interest, we will not hold this last get-together so please let us know if you will be there.

Please go to the website, to RSVP for golf and the meeting. It is especially important that you RSVP! Also, remember to bring a donation for our Friends Medical Fund to this meeting. There will be a link for donations on the website as well.

Thank you, everyone and we hope to see you in July.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, I remain

Yours truly,

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Becky Donevant
Grand Strand Golf Directors’ Association
PO Box 7717
Myrtle Beach, SC  29572
















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