Dear Grand Strand Golf Directors' Association Members,

     Five years ago you made the decision to award me the Grand Strand Golf Directors' Association Scholarship. As graduation approaches, I want to express my gratitude.
     My years at Clemson University have been easier thanks to your generosity. With tuition on the rise, it was a lifesaver to be able to focus on school and not on paying for it. I was also proud to be able to attend the Grand Strand Golf Directors' annual charity golf tournament each year. Meeting the members of the golf community meant a lot to me.
     There are many things that the Grand Strand Golf Directors' Association has made me thankful for. My college experience has been positively impacted by your generous scholarship, and I feel more connected to the Myrtle Beach golf community. I hope that this opportunity continues to be available to future students. As I move on to a career as a nurse at MUSC, I will always remember who helped make it possible.
     Thank you so much.

Julie Elizabeth Hendrix







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